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NBA Fans Want IG Model On NBA 2K21

NBA Fans Want IG Model In NBA 2K21

The NBA community don't always agree on something, but when they do, they are unstoppable and become a very strong force. This time they are requesting something extremely crazy to the people in charge of the NBA 2K video game. One Twitter user dropped a tweet with an interesting idea that caught the attention of everybody around the league.

@LifeOfATrapstar tweeted that the Instagram model that was with a group of Phoenix Suns players in one night should be part of the upcoming NBA 2K21.

We're not sure what role she would have there, according to this user, but the idea is there and other fans are echoing that.

In case you don't know this lady, she made the headlines a couple of weeks ago when she revealed she had sex with seven Phoenix Suns players during her birthday two years ago. That story really put her on the map, earning her a lot of money from OnlyFans and the love of the NBA community, which now wants to see her on NBA 2K21 but it's unclear what type of MyPlayer she would be.

NBA Twitter is unstoppable, but this time it's unlikely that they will be heard. This girl saw her life changed after she told that story; she didn't seem to regret anything and with all due reason. Now she's better than ever and gained a lot of fans.