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NBA Legend Bill Russell Roasts Charles Barkley Hard On Twitter


It's almost a known fact at this point that NBA Hall Of Famer Charles Barkley isn't one of the greatest analysts on TV right now. What he lacks in current basketball knowledge and correct predictions, he more than makes up for with his entertainment factor, but regardless, Chuck has said some said some pretty stupid things on Inside The NBA. Hell, he even admitted he doesn't even watch the games the TNT crew talk about on the show.

We were all gifted with another trademark Barkley hot take last night when Charles told Ernie Johnson that he quote, "woulda given it" to 11-time NBA champ and living legend Bill Russell if they played against each other on the court. It's not that out there given the size of the Hall Of Famers -- Russell being 6'9, while Chuck is 6'6 -- but when you look at the accolades of both men, Russell has him soundly beat, especially in the championship department.

Russell even took to Twitter to call out Barkley for his blastphemous claim.

Just for reference, you have a one in 700,000 chance to be struck by lightening. Even viewers of Inside The NBA knew how crazy Chuck's take was, and joined in to pile on at Barkley's expense.

We hope you never change Chuck.