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NBA Twitter Funniest Reactions To The Jimmy Butler Trade

NBA Twitter Reaction Philadelphia Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler has been finally traded after the real drama in Minnesota. Philadelphia Sixers send Dario Saric, Robert Covington and the 2nd round pick in 2022, and Butler will play with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons until the end of this season.

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor was involved in this trade because he wanted to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Of course, NBA trades are always interesting and you can find the best reaction on Twitter. A lot of hilarious reactions and a few savage tweets about Fultz and Simmons.

Like we said yesterday:

Minnesota should be ecstatic. They got rid of Jimmy Butler, which is a plus to start. He brought a lot of unwanted drama, fought and argued with management and players, and just didn’t agree on the mentality that players like Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins played with, as he called them soft.

While getting rid of Butler was a step in the right direction for this team, they got an extra pick for the future, plus Robert Covington and Dario Saric, who are 2 young and hungry players who can play ball. Covington was averaging 11.3 points and 5.2 rebounds with Philly, as he can also light it up from the downtown. Saric is averaging numbers almost identical to Covington, as he’s putting up 11.1 points a game, and also a solid 6.6 rebounds.

We will see how Philadelphia Sixers will play with Jimmy Butler in starting lineup and they will be under the big pressure this season.

If Philadelphia Sixers beat Boston Celtics or Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals, then they deserve to get A+. If they don’t play in the Eastern Conference Finals, then Jimmy Butler could leave them and sign for teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks or Los Angeles Clippers.

It will be interesting to see how each team plays for the rest of the season after this trade, and we’ll see who really ends up winning the trade.