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New Nicknames For Some Of The Lakers Newest Recruit Parings

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

There are just a few days before the preseason is underway, and if the media day buzz is any indication, Lakers fans can probably anticipate the level of excitement and fun that the 2018-19 season can bring.

As we look forward to the start of a new season, let us take a light-hearted look at the possible line-ups and fun nicknames that can possibly associate with these new line-ups.

Back Court



This nickname precedes its existence. Some fans may remember last season when LaVar Ball said that he's going to speak the LeBronZo possibility into existence. He sure did surpass all expectations and delivered his promise!

This back court combination promises amazing basketball IQ and passing that can easily generate perhaps 15 to 20 team assists a game.



The protege and the mentor. The future and the past. The shining star and the setting Sun. The Zo & Do nickname is coined by the King himself during one of the recent interviews.

With the Lakers promising to player faster this season, the prospect of Zo & Do is limitless. Both Lonzo Ball and Rajon Rondo sit atop the league within the top 8 in assists, a feat that amplifies itself when you add the two together.

LBJ (Lonzo Bron JHart)


This playful jab at the original LBJ pays homage to the potential of a rising back court duo in Josh Hart and Lonzo Ball. Both excelled in playing defence and playmaking last season.

Both won the Summer League Most Valuable Player honours in separate seasons. Lonzo makes up for his poorer shooting with astute court vision and elite passes and league-leading pace. Josh makes up for his slower passes with crisp catch-and-shoot contribution, as shown during the last few games of regular season.

To pack the young duo with LeBron will only raise their ability to make plays for their teammates.

Front Court



Remember the notorious Russian spies from movies? Known as Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB), translated into English as Committee for State Security, this security agency was made famous due to their extreme speed, effectiveness and highly skilled members.

It is fair to say that the potent front court combination of Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and LeBron James is as dynamic as the KGB squad. Their alias names Kuz, Gram and Bron form the KGB initials and aptly epitomises their prowess on the court.


Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma, LeBron James and JaVale McGee is a long and athletic combination that promises huge versatility when it comes to playing in Luke Walton's fluid system.

The ultimate combination of speed, offence and smart playmaking, this is a heaven for switching on defence.

McGee led the league's big men last season in speed of running, being the fastest center that can arrive back under the post during transition for defence. He sets amazing screens and cleans up the paint with swift ferocity.

Kuzma has flourished under the tutelage of Luke Walton and shown last season that he could play defence efficiently against shooting guards, small forwards and power forwards. This off season, he sought help from the coaching staff and Kobe Bryant to learn how to play as a center and also play defence against a center. Take note NBA, Kuzma is going to surprise many people this year.

Put these two long players with an all-around player like LeBron and the sky is the limit.



Kyle Kuzma, JaVale McGee and Michael Beasley form three athletic and explosive front court bigs.

Like the nickname suggests, Kuzma leads the way with his offense and ability to make plays for himself and others. McGee is the centre of the nickname as he anchors the centre position, flashing dunks and swatting with authority. EZ is Michael Beasley who gets easy buckets with his complete repertoire of scoring methods.