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Nikola Jokic Dancing Half Naked In Serbia

Nikola Jokic Dancing Half Naked In Serbia

It’s always great to see NBA players enjoying their offseason in whatever way they like, after months of hard work on the basketball court, these players deserve their break. Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic is no exception to this, the Serbian has been enjoying his offseason as much as anyone.

Footage has been released of Jokic dancing topless to the song “Pečat na usnama,” by the Serbian pop singer Dragana Mirković. The song came out in 2006 when Jokic was just 11-years-old so it may bring back some memories of his childhood in Serbia.

The Nuggets center appears to be out in the woods somewhere in Serbia, the video is quite dark but it’s certainly very funny to see an NBA playing enjoying his time off basketball.

The Denver Nuggets had an impressive 2019 season that Jokic was a major contributor of, the franchise will be up against a lot more contenders in the Western Conference this season including both Los Angeles sides who have done some major recruiting.

If the Nuggets are to remain a contender in the West this season, Jokic will need to be at his absolute best.