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Offensive Kawhi vs Defensive Kawhi: The Spurs' Star Finally Answers


It's been an ongoing debate since the question first surfaced a while ago: who would win in a matchup, offensive Kawhi, or defensive Kawhi?

Since coming into the league 6 years ago, Kawhi Leonard has become one of the NBA's best two-way players. His defensive prowess and offensive skillset have warranted him a spot amongst the league elite.

So when you ask who would win in a duel between offense Kawhi and defense Kawhi, it's not an easy thing to answer.

When someone asked the star himself, he gave has an interesting response to the popular debate

“I can’t give out that answer yet, but it’s gonna come out soon.”

While his answer is a bit vague, he does illude to finding one later. Nodboy's quite sure how he intends to answer it, but if he's legit about revealing the solution, the NBA world will be ready to listen.

Which do you think would win in a pick up game?