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Old Tweet From Dwight Howard In 2013 Makes For Amazing Comeback Story

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Some things, and moments, in life come full circle. For Dwight Howard, his return to L.A. marks one of those moments.

After leaving Orlando, his first tenure in Los Angeles marked the start of his downfall. It was there that he struggled with injury, it was there that his reputation was damaged, and it was there that he was blamed for the Lakers' disappointing season.

And now, six years later, it is in Los Angeles that he will find his last chance to redeem his career.

In a recently resurfaced tweet from 2013, when Howard left the Lakers, it details his own comeback story and his new dynamic with the Lakers.

He hoped back then that he would get the chance to make it up to the franchise. He's got his chance -- only this time, it could be his last.

After being on four teams in four years, Howard was in danger of being exiled from the league. His immature approach to the game and outdated style of play were seen as liabilities by teams around the association.

For the Lakers, an injury to DeMarcus Cousins meant they'd have room for Dwight. As long as he fulfills their need, they will keep him around.