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People Are Outraged Over Internet Trolls Hurtful Comments Towards ESPN Reporter Royce Young

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The internet can be a cruel, cruel place sometimes. For ESPN reporter Royce Young, he recently got a dose of just how toxic social media can be.

When he made a point about the Thunder, one fan took things a little too far when he used a family tragedy to bring the ESPN reporter down. The disgruntled Twitter user replied to one of Young's tweets, saying: "Don't be mad bc Russ' daughters are alive unlike yours."

Royce Young and his wife, Keri, lost their daughter, Eva, back in 2017 when she was stillborn as a result of a deadly and rare medical condition called Anencephaly. Obviously, it is a very serious subject. Needless to say, people were pissed.

While social media often presents a lot of positives, it is things like this that made it dangerous. Trolls and fans who think it's appropriate to act tough when a reporter is doing their job only make things worse for everyone else.

Fortunately, the good side of social media came out in support of Young, proving that most folks are above that type of behavior.

The user has since deactivated his account, probably feeling overwhelmed with the amount of criticism he was receiving.

No doubt, the loss of a daughter is never easy. In light of a tragedy, the family seems to have made the best of things. On March 5, the family celebrated the birth of their youngest son, Everett. The family has also helped many people receive life-saving organs as a result of their daughters' tragic demise.

So, in the batttle of internet troll vs Royce Young, the rude fan undoubedly lost this one.