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Petition To Call The Lakers' Frontcourt "Slim Shady And Dr. Dre": 'LeBron Is 2Pac, AD Is Snoop, Dudley Is Suge Knight'

Credit: Buyout Market Faigen

Credit: Buyout Market Faigen

The Los Angeles Lakers got themselves a very big signing in Andre Drummond, who was bought out by the Cleveland Cavaliers and had a lot of suitors around the league. The big man is ready to start a new chapter in his career with the purple and gold, and things are looking very promising for the team.

Playing in Los Angeles, the Lakers have always been a team linked to the showbiz, having celebrities at their games and now it appears that their own players are giants of the music industry. One fan started a 'petition' to call the Lakers' new frontcourt 'Slim Shady and Dr. Dre', referring to Eminem and producer Dr. Dre. This person compared Kyle Kuzma to the Detroit rapper and Drummond, thanks to his name, to the former member of N.W.A.

This was something really funny to see and even Jared Dudley, part of the team, added some ideas. The veteran named LeBron James as Tupac and even called himself 'Suge Knight', the controversial partner and friend of the legendary rapper. Anthony Davis? That's the Lakers' Snoop Dogg.


Everybody goes to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams in the entertainment world and it looks like these players did it twice, first as NBA players and now developing their Hip Hop alter egos.

Jokes aside, the Lakers will benefit a lot from Drummond and they hope to get the best version of the player from the get-go. This man can play a big role in the team's championship aspirations and Frank Vogel and co. can't be happier about it.