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Rapper Roddy Ricch Had To Stand On A Chair To Take A Picture With Kevin Durant

Rapper Roddy Rich Had To Stand On A Chair To Take A Picture With Kevin Durant

Basketballers are incredibly tall, but the extent was on full display in a picture of Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant and popular rapper Roddy Ricch. With Durant at 6'11" and Ricch at 5'8" there is bound to be clear disparity when they stand side by side.

It is no secret that Hollywood stars are interested in sports, and make their way to the arenas on occasion. When the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Boston Celtics at Staples Center, actor Ben Affleck was courtside with Jennifer Lopez to enjoy the game.

While most meetings happen in the arena, Durant's encounter with the rapper was off the court, and he was spotted standing on a chair just to be on the same head-level with KD.

Despite Durant's involvement off the court, he has continued to deliver the goods anytime he suits up for the Brooklyn Nets. So far, he leads the league in scoring as he averages 29.6 points per game.

The Nets have not played to their full potential, but Durant has continued to carry the team on his back. Against the free-falling Detroit Pistons, he recorded a season-high 51 points.

Much has been about his minutes, as it seems like he is being played too much and at risk of getting hurt. But the two-time NBA champ is fine with his minutes, as he embraces every opportunity to be on the court.

It will be interesting to see how things develop for Durant and the Nets. With the current makeup of the team, winning a seven-game series will prove difficult. James Harden has been grossly underwhelming since the start of the season, which is why the team might need their third star.

Kyrie Irving has not featured for the Nets this season and has lost $5.7 million. He decided to not take the covid-19 vaccine and has since been unable to play for the Nets.