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Rasual Butler Once Recorded A Turnover In A Game Without Playing A Single Minute


Usually, to record any type of stat in any sport, you have to physically be on the playing field while time is running and the ball is in play. Seems pretty logical right?

Well, former Toronto Raptor Rasual Butler is the exception to that rule, being involved in perhaps one of the worst passages of play in NBA history.

The late Butler -- who passed away earlier this year in a horrific car accident -- was subbed into a very close game between his Raptors and the Los Angeles Lakers in a random regular season game in 2012. The score was 93-92, in the Lakers favor, and Butler was brought in to take the inbounds pass for Toronto with 4.2 seconds left on the clock, one last chance for the Raptors to steal a victory.

Up to this point in the game, Butler hadn't played a single minute of the game -- this was his first time touching the ball actually -- and what proceeded was probably the worst five seconds of Butler's career.

Unable to find a suitable target for a pass, Butler committed a five-second violation, turning the ball over to the Lakers. He was immediately subbed back out, and considering the fact that the clock never once ran down because the ball had never been inbounded, Butler finished the game with a statline of 1 turnover in 00:00 of playing time.

As you'd expect, the Raptors went on to lose that game 94-92, with Kobe Bryant hitting 1 of 2 free throws to seal the game.