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Remembering The Time Rajon Rondo Roasted LeBron Before Joining The Lakers


It's no secret that back between 2009-2013, the Celtics and LeBron James had one of the biggest rivalries in the NBA.

Whether James was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Miami Heat, LeBron would more often than not run into the Boston Celtics' big 4 in the postseason time and time again, with spectacular results.

After losing to the Celtics in 2010, LBJ took his talents to South Beach, and when facing them in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, down 3 games to 2, LeBron put in one of his all-time great performances, leading the Heat back to the NBA Finals, and eventually his first NBA title.

The likes of Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo had some pretty bad blood with LeBron during their rivalry, so it comes as an ironic twist that Rajon Rondo will be joining forces with LeBron next season in Los Angeles.

After the signing was announced, people on Twitter began to bring up past instances of Rondo roasting James back when he played for the Celtics, including a pretty hilarious photo of Rondo next to a girl wearing a shirt calling LeBron a bitch.

Knowing LeBron, and some of the players he has teamed up with in the past -- including Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas -- James will most likely start a clean slate with Rondo and let bygones be bygones.

The backstory of the picture is even funnier.

2018 free agency will definitely be the remembered as the time bitter rivals teamed up to take down Golden State.