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Russell Westbrook And His Wife Got Matching Tattoos On Father's Day

(via ABC13 Houston)

(via ABC13 Houston)

It's pretty unusual to see NBA players spend their entire careers without getting inked. In fact, most hoopers make it to the league with plenty of tattoos on their bodies and it seems like they get many more throughout the course of their careers.

One of the few exceptions to that rule was Houston Rocket's Russell Westbrook, who's been in the NBA since 2008 but still hadn't gotten his first piece of ink.

In fact, when he was asked if he didn't have any tattoos back in 2018, Westbrook replied in classic Westbrook fashion:

“No, but when we win, I’ll get one," he said.

However, it seems like either the Brodie is tired of waiting for his first-ever NBA Championship or that something bigger than basketball has knocked on his door, as he got his first tattoo on father's day.

Westbrook and his wife Nina got matching tattoos with the name of their three kids. It reads Nonojojoskye, which stands for his son Noah (born May 18, 2017) and his twin daughters Jordyn and Skye (born November 17, 2018).

It's pretty clear that the 31-year old is a dedicated and beloved father, as he's often seen taking care and playing with his kids. They're so beloved that they made him break his lifelong promise of waiting until his first ring to get tattooed.

Still, Westbrook and the Houston Rockets are one of the biggest dark horses to win the NBA Championship this season in the Orlando bubble. He hasn't found much success in the playoffs lately but everything can happen following a three-month hiatus, that's for sure.

So, who knows? perhaps number zero will have plenty of reasons for getting inked again before the end of the year.