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Russell Westbrook Doesn't Allow Chats With The Enemy


In an appearance on The Herd today, ex-Thunder big man Enes Kanter (who now plays for the Knicks), recalled an interesting exchange with Russell Westbrook when the two were teammates back in Oklahoma:

"I was scared to say hi to the other team. I said "what's up" to a player from the other team, it was a Golden State player, and Russell(Westbrook) started screaming and cussing at me."

The "mystery" player is most likely Kevin Durant, who's had some serious showdown with Russ following his departure from the team. It's no surprise that Russ sees him as the enemy now.

The answer comes after Collin inquired about what it was like being a teammate of Russ, to which Kanter only had positive things to say. He continued with that recollection and said that it only motivated him harder.

Clearly, Russ goes to war with what ever opponent stands in his way. It's a type of attitude that slowly dying out in today's league. And as a fan of NBA basketball, while we don't necessarily have to like it, we should appreciate it nonetheless.