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Russell Westbrook Laughs Over Kevin Durant Joke At Comedy Show

(via NBA Tumblr)

(via NBA Tumblr)

In case anyone needs a refresher, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook did not depart on good terms. When the 2x Finals MVP left the Thunder in 2016, he did so just moments after telling his OKC teammates (including Russ) that he would return. He left them to join the Golden State Warriors, a 73 win team that had beat Westbrook and the Thunder in the postseason just months earlier.

Those circumstances brewed a very hostile relationship between the former star teammates and one that still resonates with the players today.

One of the latest (and least confrontational) reminders of this rivalry is Russ' reaction to a Durant joke during a comedy show for charity in Oklahoma on Thursday night.

“Kevin Durant came by — this is how long ago this was, many years ago — so KD came by. So now we all talking. So it was me, Russ and KD. And Russ was like, ‘When’s your next show?’ And I said, ‘I’m gonna be in the Bay Area soon.’ And KD said, ‘Me too!’

“We didn’t know what he meant at the time.”

Russ is seen at the end of the clip laughing hysterically, probably finding the joke especially funny considering the circumstances. It's good to see Russ laughing about the whole situation now, though, after how heated things had gotten in the early stages of their breakup.

As both prepare for new paths in the season ahead, the former hatred and rivalry these guys once felt for each other will continue to dwindle. But will it ever die?