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Savannah James Praised LeBron James For Being A Good Husband: “He’s Truly A King To His Queen, If You Will. He Treats Me With So Much Respect. It’s Hard Not To Love Him.”

Savannah James Praised LeBron James For Being A Good Husband: “He’s Truly A King To His Queen, If You Will. He Treats Me With So Much Respect It’s Hard Not To Love Him.”

LeBron James is an amazing player on the court. He has collected a lot of accolades during his time in the NBA. But off-court, James is an even better person. Be it donating to charities, entertaining fans in interviews, or being a great husband, LeBron is an all-rounder.

Speaking of his life as a married man, he is truly an inspiration for all. He met his other half back in high school and has been with her ever since. After dating for a lot of years, the couple finally tied the knot back in 2013.

As of now, James and Savannah have three kids together and are a perfect family. But have you ever wondered what type of a person James is at his home? Sure, we have seen the Instagram stories where LBJ posts about his children and wife.

But how is he as a husband? Well, Savannah was asked this question in a 2017 interview with Lynne Thompson.

Via Cleveland Magazine:

The couple met while she was a 16-year-old sophomore at Buchtel and he was a 17-year-old junior at rival St. Vincent-St. Mary. A mutual friend who’d transferred from SVSM to Buchtel told her that LeBron had asked for her phone number.

“I’m like, ‘Um, nope. I’ll take his number,’ ” remembers Savannah, who didn’t know much about the basketball phenom at the time. “One day I’m sitting around — I was probably bored or something — and I’m like, ‘Oh, I forgot! I have this number for this guy that I can call. He seemed interested, so let’s see.’ ”

LeBron invited her to one of his basketball games, then to a local Applebee’s with a group of friends afterward. A one-on-one date at an Outback Steakhouse quickly followed. She’s been with him ever since.

“He is truly a king to his queen, if you will,” she says of the attraction. “He treats me with so much respect — I mean, it’s hard to not love him, with the way that he is with me and the kids and his mom and just everyone who’s around him. He’s a really, really humble guy for everything that he has and everything that he’s done.”

In the interview, Savannah also revealed how she asked for James' number and how he is a gentleman all the time.

The power couple is the perfect example of treating each other with respect, which is undoubtedly a key ingredient in a successful marriage. We wish the couple many more years of happiness and love together.