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Shaq And Dwight Howard Get Into Instagram Beef Yet Again


For almost as long as Dwight Howard has been in the NBA, he and Shaquille O'Neal have had a special type of relationship with each other.

Both of their careers share many similarities: Both started off as the first pick in the NBA Draft, being drafted by the Orlando Magic, and took the Magic to the NBA Finals once. Both left the Magic for the Los Angeles Lakers to play with Kobe Bryant, with Shaq being far more successful than Dwight in that department. After the Lakers, both centers became NBA journeymen, playing for many different teams. Both were once considered the best centers in the league at one point, and both share the 'Superman' nickname. Despite everything they have in common though, Shaq seems to utterly despise Dwight.

This disdain for Howard was shown in all of it's glory yesterday, when Shaq and Dwight went at it on Instagram.

Howard popped up in Shaq's Instagram's comments to challenge him to a roast battle, and Shaq swiftly shut him down.


Shaq compared Dwight to Charles Barkley, one of O'Neal's coworkers on Inside The NBA On TNT, a player who also doesn't have an NBA championship to his name.

Dwight wasn't gonna go down without a response though, clapping back by posting a video of him drop-stepping on and dunking on a flopping Shaq during his Phoenix Suns days.

Dwight Howard will be looking to prove Shaq and the rest of his haters wrong yet again this year, as he debuts for the sixth team in his career, the Washington Wizards.