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Shaq O'Neal: "When I Get Stressed Out, Step Brothers, That’s The Movie I'm Watching. 'Don't Touch My F*cking Drum Set'. I Go To That Part. It Makes Me Laugh And Then I Can Calm Down."

(via Larry Brown Sports)

(via Larry Brown Sports)

Ever since he made it to the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal has been one of the most iconic figures in the sports community. Besides his talent, his skills, and his physical dominance; he has always stood out for his larger-than-life personality and his antics.

The 4-time NBA Champion has made several appearances in movies and TV shows, and he's must-watch television on TNT, even if he's not exactly the soundest basketball analyst.

Shaq is always trying to make everybody laugh, and when asked about it in a recent interview, he claimed that he does it because he just wants to help people relieve some stress:

"I want to be the guy that when you see my face, I wanna make you smile. Because when you smile, it releases endorphins in the face and hopefully that could jump-start you to being a little stress-free. Because when I get stressed out, Step Brothers, that’s the movie I'm watching. 'Don't touch my f*cking drum set'. I go to that part. It makes me laugh and then I can calm down and be like, okay, what's the problem? All right, and I figure it out. So I wanna be the guy that makes you laugh" Shaq said on The Rex Chapman Show.

That's just classic Shaq. I mean, he acts tough and is constantly calling young players out but he's just quite the caring person. He's always doing some random acts of kindness when the cameras aren't looking, and you just can't seem to hate him.

We can definitely picture The Big Diesel watching that legendary movie over and over. Maybe, he can play Will Ferrell and Charles Barkley could act as John Reilly on the NBA on TNT set once. And, to be fair, Shaq has definitely accomplished his goal - at least with me. I think he's hilarious.