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Skip Bayless' Playoff Prediction Looks Pretty Damn Stupid Right Now


We all know that when it comes to pure basketball analysis, Skip Bayless isn't really one of the leaders in his field. Bayless is more known for his extreme hot takes and bias against LeBron James, something he's carried since James came into the league.

At this point in his career, most NBA fans have learned to take everything Skip says with a fine grain of salt, which is probably for the best given his track record. Still, there's always a chance Bayless' insane theories and predictions may just come true.

Skip's most recent take is not one of those times.

Before the beginning of the playoffs, Bayless predicted that both the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder would meet in the NBA Finals, with OKC taking out the championship in six games.

A mere 10 days later, at the Thunder face a 3-1 deficit at the hands of the Utah Jazz in the first round, as Donovan Mitchell, Ricky Rubio and Rudy Gobert have been running rings around Oklahoma's big three the entire series.

Westbrook has been especially bad, specifically in the fourth quarter, a time when OKC needs his production the most.

To give Skip credit where it's due, his prediction on the Eastern side of the bracket may be spot on, as Philadelphia has looked like the best team in the East by far, and will surely be the favorites to make the Finals if the Cavs fall to the Pacers in the first round.