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Source: DeMarcus Cousins Was Apparently "Storming" The Hallway In Search Of Kevin Durant


Regrading to the NBA's most emotional players, Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins top the list.

The passion, energy, and power they bring to the court can often translate to some pretty aggressive situtions. Such was the case on Monday night, when the two actually faced off against each other.

Tensions boiled in the fourth quarter, when both stars got ejected for their very animated enounter.

What you might not have known, however, was the events that happened after the game. According to Scott Cacciola, things got pretty intense. Apparently, after the ejection, Boogie stormed down the hallway near the locker rooms in search of KD and had to be restrained.

Obviously, judging by the picture, quite a scene was sturring in the hallway, and the look of the surrounding individuals is pretty telling.

What exactly happened next is unclear, but it's assumed that Boogie eventually returned to his locker room, and the whole situation died down. Still, it is interesting to think about what could have happened if nobody was there to stop it.