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Spike Lee Trying To Recruit Zion Williamson For 'He Got Game' Sequel

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Long before playing a single minute of NBA basketball, Zion Williamson was already a worldwide sensation. His explosive dunks and bulldozer-like body went viral years ago and made him one of the most sought-after prospects in professional sports history.

Williamson even became a millionaire just in guaranteed endorsement money before being able to play some actual basketball, and it's pretty clear that he'll be one of the faces of the NBA for many years to come.

That's why Spike Lee and Ray Allen were interested in meeting with the sensational rookie before the Covid-19 pandemic in order to discuss a potential 'He Got Game' sequel, which Williamson had already stated that he'd be interested in on an interview last October:

"I would definitely want to be like, in part two of that movie," he told Brady Langmann of Esquire.

Lee and Allen opened up to Sage Steele during a Jordan Brand live stream, confessing that they're still looking forward to meeting Zion and talk about the movie:

"We were trying to get a meeting with him before [the coronavirus pandemic]. Ray Allen and I were trying to get a meeting with him in New Orleans. I’m still for it," Lee said.

Moreover, the director claimed that even though the film is still taking shape and Denzel Washington isn't interested in starring on a sequel, they'll definitely be on to something if Williamson jumps on board of the project:

"The story is murky in my mind but the material is so rich. Things happen when they happen and you try not to force it," Lee added.

It's unclear which role Zion would have on this story but if Spike Lee Jesus Shuttlesworth come knocking on your door, you just say yes without any kind of hesitation. We can't wait for this movie.