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Stats Don't Lie: Isaiah Thomas Is Among The Greatest Scorers In Celtics History


The Boston Celtics franchise is arguably the greatest in basketball history. The rich culture, players, and accomplishments that have passed through that locker room will always remain to remind the world of their greatness. That greatness is due mostly to the superstars that have passed through over the years.

Lately, that role has been filled by an unexpected force: Isaiah Thomas.

The 5-foot point guard took the team by storm, and lead them to contention. With I.T. at the helm, they regained the attention they had lacked since 2008. The team was relevant once again, and they became the talk of the Eastern Conference.

Isaiah Thomas did that. Of course, it wasn't just by him alone, but he's what got it all started. And even though most NBA fans understand that, most still don't realize just how good he really was during his short stint in Boston.

I.T was pretty good for the Celtics.

When looking at the points per game total for all-time Celtics players, Isaiah Thomas ranks number one. The top 5 consists of Antoine Walker(20.6 PPG), John Havlicek(20.8 PPG), Paul Pierce(21.8 PPG), Larry Bird(24.3 PPG), and Isaiah Thomas at number one with 24.7 points per game.

Nobody is saying that Isaiah Thomas is anywhere near as a good as Larry Bird or even Antoine Walker. But the stats show that strictly based on scoring, Thomas may have been the best ever. Granted, his average was calculated with much fewer games played than the others on the list, but even still, I.T.'s record breaking time with the Celtics proves that he may not be getting enough credit.

After everything he's done, and as good as he has been, the Celtics turned his back on him. The fans are already moving on from him. He may be the best scorer in Celtics' history, yet his time in the city is being forgotten by the entire sports world.

Even though a new chapter has started, even though he's wearing a new jersey, his record breaking time in Green should be appreciated by everyone who bore witness.