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Steph Curry Reveals The Name Of His Newborn Son On Instagram


It's finally happened. After two daughters with his wife Ayesha, Stephen Curry has welcomed his first son into the world.

Riley Curry may be the most 'famous' of Steph's kids as of now, but given the Curry family business, the Curry's newest child may overtake Riley in terms of fame.

Steph posted the first-ever pictures of his new baby boy on Instagram yesterday, along with the name of the new child. World, meet Canon Curry.

"On this journey, on this quest... protect me... I’m bless! Canon W. Jack Curry."

The internet already began predicting Canon's future, as his namesake may indicate he could be a better shooter than his father.

Like his father though, Canon could very well go by his middle name instead of his first. If you didn't know, Steph's first name is actually Wardell, but opts to use his middle name Stephen as his go-to name instead. So instead of Canon Curry being drafted first overall in the 2036 NBA draft, it could be Jack Curry instead.