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Stephen Curry Has Eliminated Doc Rivers, Austin Rivers, And Future Rivers In-Law Seth Curry In Consecutive Series

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

One of the biggest stories in these NBA playoffs has been Stephen Curry and how good he’s been playing lately. Curry has recently taken his Golden State Warriors to their fifth consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals after sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals, winning games that didn’t look in their favor, with Curry playing at a great level.

An interesting fact about Curry and his journey to the Finals is that the two-time NBA MVP had to do some dirty work in order to get to the big stage; this time, absolutely destroying the Rivers family on his way to the Finals, and what a great way he did so.

Just in case somebody has troubles remembering what happened this postseason, Steph Curry and his Warriors went to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round and the Houston Rockets in the Western Semifinals before landing in the Finals against the aforementioned Portland Trail Blazers.

What is so special about Curry and these three teams? Well, the point guard eliminated three members of the Rivers family through the three prior stages of the playoffs, doing something curious, to say the least.

Golden State beat Los Angeles Clippers, a team coached by Doc Rivers by 4-2, then they won the next series with the same result against the Houston Rockets of Austin Rivers before sweeping the Trail Blazers of his brother Seth Curry (Doc Rivers’ daughter is married to Seth Curry) and Austin’s brother in law.

Before the beginning of the playoffs, Curry said: “Me, Seth, Austin, the whole crew, it’s pretty cool to keep tabs on everybody,” as the two Rivers and Currys were going to fight for the Larry O’Brien. Well, Curry himself made sure to end the other three’s hopes as he dominated them with his Warriors on his way to the Finals.