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'Sway' Shares What Russell Westbrook Has Been Up To Lately

'Sway' Shares What Russell Westbrook Has Been Up To Lately

Russell Westbrook is one of the biggest characters in the NBA. That goes without saying at this point.

Besides his electric style of play, competitive nature, and freakish athleticism, Westbrook is also... Well, pretty active off the court.

Russell is a philanthropist and activist. He's always giving back to his community. Nonetheless, that's not what he's more popular online besides being an NBA superstar.

We all know that Westbrook is a bit of a fashion icon and a trendsetter. He always goes the extra mile with his outfits, regardless of what most people may think.

That's why the guys from SWAY put together a hilarious compilation of what Westbrook has been up to lately, making fun of his apparel for the MET Gala, showing him having a good time with his friends, balling, throwing the first pitch for the Dodgers and... of course, wearing a skirt.

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'Sway' Shares What Russell Westbrook Has Been Up To Lately

Needless to say, fans had plenty of things to say about this compilation. Fortunately, none of them were as disrespectful as Kwame Brown in his most recent rant. Here, we'll show you some of the best comments.


Everybody has the right to dress as he or she pleases, and Westbrook isn't the exception to that rule.

Make fun of him all you want to, but he's generationally wealthy and will kick your butt playing one-on-one. He's clearly a man of many facets.

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