Team USA Hilariously Troll Kevin Durant With Fake Birthday

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You know what they say: Boys will be boys. Regardless of their age or occupation, a bunch of guys getting together will most likely mean someone's getting pranked eventually.

Needless to say, Team USA isn't the exception to that rule, as even young NBA superstars can crack the occasional joke every now and then.

What's kind of surprising is the fact that they chose to prank Kevin Durant himself, a guy that has never been exactly been fond of getting his name thrown out there. But hey, you gotta keep the good spirits.

Team USA decided to troll the Brooklyn Nets star by singing him happy birthday in front of the entire American committee, even though Durant's birthday is actually on September 29.

Durant's face - albeit wearing a mask - says everything you'd want to know about how he felt about the prank. But he just stood there and dealt with it like a good sport.

JaVale McGee shared this hilarious footage on his Instagram Stories for all of us to get a glimpse of what its like to be an Olympian and we couldn't be more thankful with the Denver Nuggets big man.

Even so, Durant is the undisputed leader of this team on and off the court and there's no doubt that he's on a good page with the rest of his teammates, so there's no need to read too much into it.