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Terrence Ross Makes Fun Of The Lakers And LeBron On Twitter


Last night was probably one of the craziest nights in NBA free agency history.

Even though it had been heavily rumored to be happening for the past few months, LeBron James actually signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, thrusting them into championship contention once again.

The Lakers were very busy last night, not only signing James to a massive 4-year/$157 million contract, but also signed Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee, and also re-signed shooting guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

The reaction on Twitter to the move was certifiably insane, with Laker fans losing their minds, and even NBA players commenting on how crazy LeBron playing in Los Angeles would be.

One player, however, instead of praising LeBron for his move West, actually took a jab at James and the Lakers, as Terrence Ross of the Orlando Magic called the Lakers the 'Cavs of the West.'

Ross is pretty much saying that all the Lakers are now is LeBron + a roster of dead weights, but when you consider Ross plays for the Orlando Magic, a squad that hasn't seen the playoffs since 2012, well, he's setting himself up for failure.

Some Twitter users told Ross that LA may not be done this offseason, and could still make a few moves to put them on par with the Golden State Warriors, but the 2013 dunk champ wasn't having any of it.

Whether the Lakers manage to get Kawhi Leonard and DeMarcus Cousins or not, adding LeBron to their young roster has already put them head and shoulders over a LeBron-less Cavaliers.