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The 1-Year Old Basketball Phoenom Who Can't Miss

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Basketball training has begun for 1-year-old Adam Scott. Adam who is from Calgary, Alberta has a growing passion and love for the game of basketball. Adam is the youngest sibling of three older sisters who all play basketball. So clearly, this runs in the family.

He has spent hundreds of hours in different basketball courts, attending games, weekend tournaments, and watching his older siblings play and compete. In this clip, Adam can be seen shooting, and making, a ridiculous amount of jumpers. His form is coming together!

Video credit: Samantha Carolina

It is not surprising that he also fell in love with the game growing up on a basketball court. He can often be found sitting intently watching NBA games and highlights, where he appears to be studying the players' moves until he returns to his net with his ball in hand and begins practicing once again. When he wakes up in the morning he begins searching for a ball and will head straight to his net to begin to play. He practices daily without fail. This kid is seriously committed.

He keeps it up like this, and there's no telling how good he'll grow up to be. Basketball world, you have been warned.