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The 7 Weirdest and Craziest Trade In NBA History

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

NBA trades are something fans are always talking about. What if a given player wasn’t traded? What if a trade would end up a different way that it actually did? How different NBA history could be?

Throughout the history of the game, there have been several win-win moves, while others just don’t seem to make sense at all looking back in time. Other trades are just flat out weird and bizarre.

Ever since the dawn of basketball, we’ve seen quite some odd moves. Today, we’re going to let you know everything about the craziest and weirdest trades in NBA history, so sit down and enjoy.

7. Fred Roberts To The Boston Celtics

Fred Roberts 142

Fred Roberts was a below the average role player for a Utah Jazz team that was stacked at the frontcourt and had a young Karl Malone that was already making strides as a superstar, but still, they decided to match a 2-year, 400K offer the Celtics did for him even though they didn’t need him.

Eventually, they decided to trade him to the Boston Celtics in return for a 3rd round pick and an agreement that stated the Celtics would have 2 preseason game at Utah. The Celtics were the most popular team in the league back in 1986 and the Jazz wanted some revenue.

6. Stan Van Gundy To The Orlando Magic


Back in 2005, the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic completed the first trade ever involving a head coach. With the Heat making it to the Eastern Conference Finals and winning 59 games, Pat Riley wanted to coach them, so he stepped down as an executive to go back to the bench.

Stan Van Gundy was still under contract with the Heat, so the team traded him to the Orlando Magic for a couple of 2nd round picks, and while they didn’t get good players in return, the team eventually won a Championship.

5. Doc Rivers To The Los Angeles Clippers


10 years later, another coach would be traded, even though this trade would be way more straight forward. With the Doc Rivers era coming to an end in Boston, the team traded him to the Los Angeles Clippers for a 2015 first-round pick.

That pick winds up being RJ Hunter, while the Clippers finally became a winning franchise amid Rivers’ arrival. Up to this day, that may be the best - and only good - trade they’ve ever pulled off.

4. Jon Spoelstra To The Indiana Pacers

Credit: NBA Insider

Credit: NBA Insider

Jon Spoelstra - Erik Spoelstra’s Dad - was a marketing guru back in 1982, and the Portland Trail Blazers were one of the few teams not losing money back in the day but needed a top-tier point guard to take a step forward in Championship contention.

So, Spoelstra decided to trade himself as a consultant for Don Buse in order to help the Indiana Pacers find a new owner. He worked there for a couple of weeks and then came back to Portland, while Buse only played at RIP City for 1 season.

3. Kyle Korver To The Philadelphia 76ers

Kyle Korver sixers

Back in 2003, the New Jersey Nets were a major threat in the Eastern Conference, losing back-to-back NBA Finals. Still, they weren’t very popular and were in financial trouble despite their success on the court.

So, they traded their 51st overall pick, Kyle Korver, to the Philadelphia 76ers for 125.000$ to pay for Summer League expenses and bought a new copy machine with the leftover cash. Yes, they traded Korver for a Copy machine.

2. Bill Russell To The Boston Celtics


Red Auerbach was keen on getting a top-tier defender for his Boston Celtics, so he offered the Rochester Royals - who were entitled of the 1st overall pick - a private show of the Ice Capades if they didn’t take Russell in the Draft.

Moreover, Auerbach later traded Ed McCauley and Cliff Hagan to the St. Louis Hawks in order to get Bill Russell with their 2nd overall pick, and the rest, as you know, is history, as he led the franchise to 11 NBA Championships.

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1. Los Angeles Clippers And Boston Celtics Franchise Trade



This one has to be the most bizarre trade on NBA history and it’s not even close. Back in 1978, the Buffalo Braves were a tiny expansion team that was struggling to win, while the Celtics were still one of the league’s driving forces.

Even so, the Celtics owner back then was a California native and wanted to relocate and own a team back home, so he and the Braves’ owner swapped his shares of each team. Then, the Braves moved to San Diego to become the Clippers.

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