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The Basketball Team Didn't Win A Game For 26 Years

Credit: JxmyHighroller

Credit: JxmyHighroller

Nobody likes to lose one game let alone have the record for the longest losing streak in the United States history, unfortunately for Caltech’s men’s basketball team, they own this record. Caltech lost an unbelievable 310 conference matchups in a row before they were able to break their losing streak in 2011.

The college of Caltech is certainly not known for its sporting abilities, it isn’t a college that attracts athletes, therefore, it’s almost impossible for the side to recruit any high talented young athletes. Caltech is one of the best academic colleges in the country with a high rate of graduates going on to get their Ph.D.’s once out of school.

Their sporting team, on the other hand, have not been as successful, especially their basketball side. Before they broke the drought in 2011, the last time that Caltech had won a conference matchup was back in 1985 when Ronald Reagan was the President of the United States.

It was the first win for the Caltech program since they beat La Verne 48-47 - 26 years ago. Caltech had lost its previous 310 SCIAC games.

Their drought-breaking win in February of 2011 was a memorable one as Caltech defeated Occidental by a single point, 46 to 45. Ryan Elmquist was the lucky man to score the winning points with two free throws to snatch the lead before Occidental missed a last-second buzzer beater.

Coach Oliver Elsinger said on the school's website:

"Tonight's win is a testament to the hard work each member of this team, the alumni and the supporters have put into this program. I hope that everyone who has participated in Caltech men's basketball is able to celebrate a little bit tonight."

"We still have goals and aspirations that we want to accomplish as a program and this win is another step toward meeting these objectives."

Believe or not, the Caltech college basketball team has improved in parts since their drought-breaking win in 2011. During the 2015-2016 season, Caltech won 9 matches for the season which was their greatest season since 1954. This year, the side has only played the one match for the one win.

It’s obvious that Caltech Team are never going to be one of the greatest basketball teams of all time but they are certainly a very dedicated and passionate side who never gives up.