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The Best Players In The NBA Ranked From A-Z

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It’s crazy ranking time! And in Fadeaway World we’re more than ready to do what we do best: innovate and do what nobody else does, so buckle up and sit down as we walk you through another one of our great rankings.

There are hundreds of outstanding players in the NBA, the best competition in the world that obviously features top - notch athletes, so ranking them one by one if often one of the most difficult things to do, letting guys snubbed all the time from our lists due to others that outplay them by not that much.

So, what we’re going to do today it’s quite simple and should leave everybody pleased, ranking the best player in alphabetic order from A to Z, with a couple of honorable mentions besides them. Let’s go!

A: Giannis Antetokounmpo: Total no brainer; his youth, heart, talent and athleticism make him an elite prospect and the first on our list. Honorable mention: Carmelo Anthony, LaMarcus Aldridge.

B: Jimmy Butler: A guy that came completely out of the blue to become an elite two-way guard/forward and one of the league’s rising star. Honorable mention: Bradley Beal, Devin Booker.

C: Stephen Curry: Two time MVP, unanimous MVP, two times NBA Champion and the greatest shooter of all time. Honorable Mention: DeMarcus Cousins, Mike Conley.

D: Kevin Durant: The best offensive player in the league and an underrated defender, defending NBA Finals MVP. Honorable mention: Anthony Davis, DeMar DeRozan.

E: Joel Embiid: Despite only being on an NBA hardwood for half a season, Embiid proved why everybody was so hyped about him, his great court awareness and his ballerina like feet game. Honorable mention: Dante Exum, Eric Bledsoe.

F: Derrick Favors: Barring injury, Favors was a lock to become one of the league’s elite big man. Still, to reach his ceiling, we firmly believe he’ll have a bounce-back campaign. Honorable mention: Kenneth Faried, Evan Fournier.

G: Paul George: Besides his questionable defense, Paul George is one of the most talented forwards in the game and he's just an instant bucket. We’re going to have a hoot watching him ball alongside Russ this season. Honorable mention: Blake Griffin, Rudy Gobert.

H: James Harden: The former 6th man of the year blossomed as one of the league’s elite scorers, a top-notch playmaker and even a very clutch player, an MVP is coming his way for sure. Honorable mention: Gordon Hayward, Al Horford.

I: Kyrie Irving: Irving has the best handles in the game and one of the most killing crossovers, while his layup package is just sick and his clutchness is off the roof. He’s still to enter his prime, and that’s what makes him more scary. Honorable mention: Serge Ibaka, Andre Iguodala.

J: LeBron James: Another no-brainer here with the best small forward in the history of the game, an offensive beast that also plays lockdown defense and one of the best passers to ever lace them up. Honorable mention: DeAndre Jordan, Joe Johnson.

K: Kyle Korver: He’s never been athletic or a good defender, but boy can he shoot the three. One of the best shooters from beyond the arc in NBA history. Honorable mention: Enes Kanter, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

L: Kawhi Leonard: Just like Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard came out of the blue to go from a rotation player to become the best defender in the NBA and one of the most dominant scorers in the most consistent franchise in the league. Honorable mention: Damian Lillard, Kevin Love.

M: CJ McCollum: McCollum hasn’t missed a bit since taking the starting shooting guard gig in Portland, shooting lights out despite being a tweener and also improving on the defensive end. Honorable mention: Paul Millsap, Greg Monroe.

N: Dirk Nowitzki: Durable as few, and with one of the biggest hearts you’ll see. Dirk inspired a lot of shooters with his signature move and carried his squad to an NBA Championship, and he’ll go down in history as the best foreigner in the history of the league. Honorable mention: Jusuf Nurkic, Nerlens Noel.

O: Victor Oladipo: Oladipo hasn’t been nearly as good as everybody expected, but he’s still improved on a yearly basis and he’s set to have a breakout year as Indiana’s go-to-guy. Honorable mention: Kelly Oubre, Jahlil Okafor.

P: Chris Paul: Despite not being able to even play on an NBA Finals, Chris Paul has to be considered one of the best two-way point guards in the history of the game, and the ultimate passer of the league nowadays. Honorable mention: Kristaps Porzingis, Tony Parker.

Q: Tim, Quarterman: Yeah, I know that you didn't hear about him, and to be honest, me too. He is playing for the Houston Rockets, averaging 1.9 points per game. Good enough to become the player for the Q.

R: Derrick Rose: He’s not getting anywhere near his MVP form, but he’s still a very dominant player that can lead your squad on any given night if healthy, being as athletic as day one despite lacking that good old DRose speed. Honorable mention: Ricky Rubio, Zach Randolph.

S: Dario Saric: Just one year in, Saric took the league for assault on both ends of the court after the All-Star break, and his versatility and youth make him a guy to follow at the City of Brotherly Love. Honorable mention: Dennis Schroeder, Marcus Smart.

T: Karl-Anthony Towns: Karl-Anthony Towns is already a lock to make this upcoming All-Star squad entering his third campaign in the Association, leading the Timberwolves on both ends of the court with his ability to lock down the rim while also stretching the floor. Honorable mention: Isaiah Thomas, Jeff Teague.

U: Tyler Ulis: Well, there’s actually not much to say here, but we were lacking players. Moving on.

V: Jonas Valanciunas: Valanciunas has certainly stalled but he’s still an elite big man in the weaker Eastern Conference, and he just needs a squad better suited for his talents. Honorable mention: Nikola Vucevic, Noah Vonleh.

W: Russell Westbrook: In one of the most crowded letters, the defending MVP and mister triple double take the lead. Russell finally managed to shut his doubters and earn the respect he was missing from his haters, although there’s still a lot of work to do to put a ring on that finger. Honorable mention: John Wall, Dwyane Wade.

X: n/a

Y: Nick Young: It’s pretty odd to watch Nick Young first on a ranking (At least a good player ranking) although he’s earned some respect over the last couple of campaigns thanks to his streaky shooting. Honorable mention: Thaddeus Young, Joe Young.

Z: Tyler Zeller: The Zellers are the bad Plumlee brothers, and that’s quite sad if you think about it for a second. Still, Tyler is the less bad of them, so there’s that. Honorable mention: Ivica Zubac, Cody Zeller.