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The Cavs Have Found Their Ultimate Kryptonite


As far as crazy Playoff stats go, there's plenty that top the list as the most absurd. In these NBA Finals though, there's one particular statistic that seems to ris eabove the rest... and no, it's got nothing to do with J.R. Smith.

Rather, it has to do with suits. That's right.

When the Cavs all wear matching suits this postseason, their record is just a measly 1-4. Take out those games, and the Cavaliers' total post-season record becomes 12-5. We first saw the suits against the Indiana Pacers in Game 4, their first and only win with them on. Since then, we've seen the gang occasionally break out the style before the game, only to walk home in defeat thereafter.

So there you have it. Despite all the enemies the Cavaliers supposedly have this season, their biggest Kryptonite may be the get-up they decide to don before the game?