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The Cleveland Cavaliers Actually Thought Jose Calderon Was A Billionaire

jose calderon billionaire

With the Salary Cap being pretty much public, everybody knows how much all players earn on their teams throughout the entire campaign, how much endorsement gives them, and even how much of it is deducted by taxes.

Nonetheless, over the course of this campaign, a major rumor was spread all over the NBA, and moreover, among the Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room regarding a “secret fortune”, one of their veterans had.

See, Channing Frye is one of the most active guys on social media you’ll find across the NBA, and despite the fact that he was dealt away to the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s still one of the most beloved fellas among the Cavs locker room.

So, after Frye came across an article that stated that Jose Calderon had made over 2.2 billion dollars thanks to his father’s stake in Coca-Cola bottling company, Femsa; turning a lot of heads between Calderon’s teammates.

It didn't take long for Frye's discovery to spread throughout the team. And the Cavs shared the story far better than they were sharing the basketball on the court during their early-season doldrums.

"Everybody was talking about that," Cavs rookie Cedi Osman said. "Everybody. EVERYBODY. He makes a play and it's like, 'Nice job, man ... $2.2 billion ... that's great.'"

Even Cavs’ rookie Cedi Osman had his say regarding Calderon’s fortune, and whenever the Spanish veteran made a nice play in practice, he was like “Hey! Nice play… 2.2 billion, that’s nice”

Thing is, that rumor is actually not true, as the billionaires are Jose And Francisco Jose Calderon Rojas, both Mexicans, while Jose Calderon is Spanish as you should already know by now.

Even though Calderon has already stated that the history’s BS, the Cleveland Cavaliers refuse to give up to the idea that their veteran third-string point guard is floating in a dough.

As a matter of fact, even Calderon’s former teammates had their say about the matter during a Knicks - Cavs game, with Courtney Lee trying to get Jarrett Jack to ask him is he was, in fact, a billionaire, but Calderon turned the rumors down once again.

"I don't have family in Mexico," he said. "Nothing. I'm just from Spain. It's a totally different guy. But the weird part is like, everything else [in the Google search] is true. It's got my wife's name. I got three boys. I've played here and there. So, everything they talk about is true, but the wealth? No. No. Not true."

While Calderon has in fact invested a big share of the 84 million dollars he’s earned throughout his NBA career, he’s nowhere near a billionaire, but he still owns half of an organic pig farm back in his native Spain.

“The money must be coming from the bacon." Kyle Lowry stated when asked about the matter, so you can see Frye’s fake news found their way up north and even started a bit of an existential crisis among their colleagues.

Apparently, Cavs players even discussed the possibility of quitting professional basketball if they had won the lottery or found a way to make as much as Calderon had allegedly earned thanks to his old man’s investment.

Furthermore, Cavs players simply refuse to believe Calderon when he says he’s not rich, and they’ve even made him pay for several dinners thanks to Frye’s joke. Truth or not, it seems like this team needed a lot of things to create a strong bond after all the up and downs they went through the campaign.