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The Curse Of Dwyane Wade's Jersey Swaps



To say 2019 free agency has been wild might actually be an understatement. Players have been on the move; whether by expiring contracts or trades, and it has shaken the league to its core. The number of stars on the move has not been this high in maybe forever.

Now retired NBA superstar star Dwyane Wade is one who recently took notice of the craziness, and pointed out how his infamous jersey swap moments from last season seemed way too outdated for only being months old.

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Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, Isaiah Thomas, and Terry Rozier are just some of the names involved in one of the Wade jersey swaps this past season, and most of them are on a different team now.

Looks like the curse is real folks...

But on a serious note, it goes to show just how much the league has changed in the past few weeks alone. The NBA's biggest names are beginning a new chapter with a different franchise, and the moves will not stop here. As the summer continues, more players will find their new homes.

As for Wade's now outdated jersey collection, maybe he is due for one more round?