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The Curse Of JR Smith Is Real: Collin Sexton vs. Trae Young

The Curse Of JR Smith Is Real: Collin Sexton vs. Trae Young

The Cavaliers season has been a complete disaster so far with the franchise ranked last in the Eastern Conference. To make matters worse, team chemistry hasn’t been strong since JR Smith called Trae Young the Rookie of the Year to take a shot at his own teammate Collin Sexton.

Since Smith made that call, Sexton has been outscoring Young on the court for many of the following games after November the 3rd. Collin Sexton has been averaging 18.8 points per game with a very healthy 50% field goal percentage and 58% from the three-point line. Trae Young, on the other hand, has been averaging just 12.9 points per game with a 33% field goal percentage and an even lower 17% from three.

Trae Young Assists (inc. Nov 3rd): 8.1 APG

Trae Young Assists (not inc. Nov 3rd): 7.5 APG

Collin Sexton Assists (inc. Nov 3rd): 2.5 APG

Collin Sexton Assists (not inc. Nov 3rd): 2.7 APG

It looks as if JR Smith has certainly put a curse on Trae Young who was up until the infamous tweet, one of the favorites for the award. The Atlanta guard was averaging 19.1 points per game before Smith spoke out about him and even managed to score a massive 35 points when the rookie faced the Cavaliers.

Last night, Collin Sexton was great with 21 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists while Trae Young scored 18 points with 3 rebounds and 4 assists,

Other contenders such as the Mavericks’ Luka Doncic and the Suns’ Deandrea Ayton are also highly fancied frontrunners for the end of season award.

There’s been plenty of criticism for the Cavaliers treatment of Sexton this season and JR Smith is leading the way with his questionable tweets. There’s no guarantee that Smith will be staying around for another season as Cleveland look to start over and rebuild after their disastrous start to the season, just 4 wins in their first 19 matches.

As for Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks, the side is in a similar position with the side sitting just one place above the Cavaliers in 14th place.