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The Funniest Mean Tweets: Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry And Jimmy Butler

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It's not a secret to anybody that NBA players are polarizing figures. I mean, it's literally impossible to be universally loved in the sports world, as not even Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Muhammad Ali have been free of doubters or haters throughout their careers.

When you're exposed as much as NBA players are, your entire life, looks, words, actions, and play will be heavily scrutinized by hundreds of thousands of people and more often than not, they're going to let you have a piece of their mind.

Social media has brought celebrities and their fans together but that's a two-way street. That means that their haters can also reach out to them, or even throw mean comments without mentioning them just because they feel like there will be no consequences.

That's why American host Jimmy Kimmel put together a collection of some of the meanest, most hilarious comments he could find on Twitter about current and former NBA players, analysts, and even team owners.

From Steve Ballmer to Magic Johnson to Stephen Curry or even Shaquille O'Neal. No one is safe from the internet and the haters and today, we'll show you some of the most hilarious Mean Tweets compilations from Jimmy Kimmel's show: