The Kings Twitter Set A Nice Trap For The Lakers Fans And They Didn't Notice The Trick

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The Kings Twitter Sets A Nice Trap For The Lakers Fans And They Didn't Notice The Trick

The Sacramento Kings' official Twitter account is always trying to find ways to entertain their fans and the general public, in general, using their rivals. Unless you aren't a fan of the team they are attacking, you can have a lot of fun watching them doing their thing.

They raised the bar once again when they tried to settle the debate of who has more fans between them and the Los Angeles Lakers. It started with a simple like or retweet, depending on what team are you choosing. However, the contest wasn't as simple as it looked.

They saved a little trick in the pictures, which trolled everybody who thought they had voted for the Lakers. If you take a closer look at the picture, it says 'I hate' just above the Lakers logo.

"Lakers fans will just RT anything huh?" they wrote when revealing their trick.

This is not the first time they take a jab at another team. Back in December, they trolled the Houston Rockets for protesting a game against the San Antonio Spurs, taking advantage of that situation. The people in charge of that account are doing a terrific job; they must be the most entertaining Twitter account in the NBA.