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The Raptors Have Finally Been Added To The Great NBA "Green" List


So, the big story of the week is Kawhi Leonard moving to Canada.

Obviously, there's a lot of smaller storylines connected to the move, and it'll be interesting to see how they all play out. The fact we're about the share, though, doesn't have to do with Kawhi or the Spurs, or DeMar DeRozan. Rather, it has to do with Green; Danny Green.

See, before the blockbuster trade happened, the Raptors were literally the only NBA team in history to The Toronto Raptors Are the Only Franchise Who Have Never Had a Player with the Last Name "Green" from nba

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">never have a player on the roster with the last name "Green". Well, as you might've guessed, that all change when the Raps managed to acquire Danny Green in the Kawhi Leonard deal. Now that it's done, Danny just added the Raptors to one of the NBA's great lists...

Credit to Kadath12, for this post on the Reddit:


Honorable mentions to Raptors legends Damone Brown and Aaron Gray. They didn't get the colors right but at least they tried.

Only put one Green for each team because I'm lazy.

Boston: Jeff Green

Brooklyn: Gerald Green

New York: Sidney Green

Philadelphia: Rickey Green

Toronto: ?????

Chicago: Sidney Green

Cleveland: Jeff Green

Detroit: Rickey Green

Indiana: Gerald Green

Milwaukee: Rickey Green

Atlanta: Willie Green

Charlotte: Rickey Green

Miami: Gerald Green

Orlando: Sidney Green

Washington: Johnny Green

Denver: Mike Green

Minnesota: Gerald Green

Oklahoma City: Jeff Green

Portland: Taurean Green

Utah: Rickey Green

Golden State: Rickey Green

Los Angeles Clippers: Jeff Green

Los Angeles Lakers: A.C. Green

Phoenix: Gerald Green

Sacramento: Johnny Green

Dallas: Gerald Green

Houston: Gerald Green

Memphis: Jeff Green

New Orleans: Willie Green

San Antonio: Sidney Green

Special shoutout to Gerald, Jeff, and Rickey, who make up well over half the list. Great work Greens.

Coincidentally, the Raptors have never won an NBA championship.

As big as the Kawhi trade was the Raptors, maybe it wasn't totally about Kawhi. Maybe for Ujiri and the Toronto franchise, they were tired of being left off the list. They were tired of being left off.

Okay, probably not. Still, it's pretty cool (and funny) to think that such a relatively average player could mark such an interesting note in History.