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The Russell Westbrook Effect Is Real


For a guy that averaged a triple-double in two straight seasons, Russell Westbrook sure gets a lot of hate.

His play style and tough-guy demeanor often earn criticism by those who feel that Russ only performs to bolster his stats and that his presence on the court is more a liability to teammates than it is a boost.

That stats, however, prove those critics wrong. Westbrook has a real impact on the floor, and the narrative that he is a complete liability to his team just doesn't work anymore.

Credit: Supreme NBA

Credit: Supreme NBA

Russ isn't perfect by any means, and he has a tendency to make questionable decisions at times. Though, by these numbers, he actually helps get his fellow stars more open looks at the court.

So, Westbrook haters and doubters, sorry to disappoint, but he really does do a whole lot of good for the teammates that surround him.