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The Time Phil Jackson Ruined Kobe's Chance To Make History


Kobe Bryant's 81 point game might very well be the greatest single-game scoring display we've ever seen.

Shockingly, Kobe actually had a chance to break his record (and maybe even Wilt's 100), back in 2005... up until Phil Jackson pulled him out.

In December 21st of that year, Bryant put up 62 points against the Mavericks, and it was all in three quarters. Phil pulled him out (for any number of reasons), and thus, Bryant never got the chance to score anymore.

If he plays for most of that fourth, we might be talking about Kobe having multiple 80-point games, or even something bigger than that.

Point is, never forget just how good Kobe Bryant is. As one of the greatest scorers ever, his skill set has been absolutely unmatched. He scored 81 once, and might've done it again... who else could say that?