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The Unbelievable Fresh Prince Stat Line That NBA Stars Have Never Broken

The Unbelievable Fresh Prince Stat Line That NBA Stars Have Never Broken

Over the years, many players have broken a lot of different statistic records but there’s one record that nobody has ever managed to break. They call it the Fresh Prince Stat line, it was an episode where Will Smith was at a barbershop and was asked how many points he scored in his last game which he replied, “A mere 30 points, an insignificant 18 rebounds and a minuscule 14 assists.”

Never has any NBA player had the exact stat line of 30 points, 18 rebounds and 14 assists in a proper professional NBA match. Here are the times where players have achieved two of the three stats but missed out on the magic third.

Thanks to redditor Shaqfor3 for this amazing post.

Mere 30 points and insignificant 18 rebounds:

Charles Barkley - February 5, 1992 against Cleveland - 9 Assists

Tim Duncan - April 3, 2002 against Seattle (RIP) - 9 Assists

Blake Griffin - January 22, 2011 against Golden State - 8 Assists

Mere 30 points and minuscule 14 assists:

Wilt Chamberlain - March 3, 1964 against Philadelphia - 15 Rebounds

Oscar Robertson - October 26, 1961 against New York - 14 Rebounds

Victor Oladipo - February 21, 2014 against Knicks - 9 Rebounds (first current player on the list)

Insignificant 18 rebounds and minuscule 14 assists:

Oscar Robertson - February 12, 1964 - 38 points. (only one)

There’s still hope that a player this up and coming season could finally achieve the Fresh Prince Line.

As you can see, no one has got the Fresh Prince Stat Line exactly. Only Oscar Robertson had 18 rebounds and 14 assists but he scores more than 30 points.

What about players that had got at least 30 mere points, 18 insignificant rebounds and 14 minuscules assists, like Oscar Robertson did?

Well it has only been done 8 times by 3 players, all in the 1960s.

Oscar Robertson - 4 times





Wilt Chamberlain - 3 times




Elgin Baylor - 1 time


The current day players who have been closest to achieving the unique star include Dirk Nowitzki, James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

Mere 30 points or more and insignificant 18 rebounds or more:

Dirk Nowitzki - 33/23/8

Kevin Love - 31/31/5

Karl Anthony-Towns - 40/21/4

Mere 30 points or more and minuscule 14 assists or more:

James Harden - 33/17/14 (1 rebound away!)

James Harden - 53/16/17

Nikola Jokic - 30/15/17

Insignificant 18 rebounds or more and minuscule 14 assists or more:

Russell Westbrook 24/19/14

Russell Westbrook 17/18/17

Russell Westbrook 6/20/19