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The Warriors' True Kryptonite


How do you stop the Golden State Warriors?

Because it seems like no matter what anyone throws at them, they keep blasting through the league one team at a time. And while most have given up on trying to figure out the Warriors, their true Kryptonite may have been hiding in plain sight.

Meet Scott Foster, an NBA official for the past 24 years, and who has seen just about everything in regards to NBA basketball. And, for some reason, seems to have a strange correlation to the success of the Warriors.

Check out this crazy stat, pointed out by Reddit user zprymate:

Since 2015 playoffs, warriors are 7-6 when Scott Foster officiates, 46-10 when he doesn't. Tonight it's Foster in NO from nba

Truly unexplainable.

Strangely, Foster is responsible for 6 of the past 10 losses for the Warriors in the postseason... nearly half. Thing is, those six losses are out of 13 total matches officiated.

So, there's the big secret. If you want to beat the Golden State Warriors, just call up Mr.Foster.