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This Picture May Prove Draymond Green Is Lying About His Height


It's a well-known fact at this point that Golden State Warrior All-Star Draymond Green is an undersized big man, and may be the key piece that has enabled the Warriors to implement their small-ball 'death lineup' that has transformed the way the NBA is being played in the modern era.

Before being drafted in 2012, Green was listed as a 6'7 power forward, something that turned a lot of teams off considering Green was picked up in the second round of the draft by the Warriors.

But a picture has emerged on Instagram that may indicate Draymond may have been fibbing about his height all this time.

Green met up with World Cup winner and French football sensation Paul Pogba yesterday, and posed for a picture with the striker.


Notice how the two are almost the same height? What's questionable is the fact Pogba himself is listed at 6'3.

So who's lying? Green or Pogba?

The most likely situation is that both are lying about their heights, and Pogba is a little bit taller than 6'3, while Green is a little bit shorter than 6'7, putting them almost even.