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Top 10 Fake But Hilarious NBA Quotes

In the world of sports, and especially the NBA, short snippets of players during media access before and after games make some of the biggest headlines the next day.

All you need to do is look at examples such as Kyrie Irving's 'Flat Earth' comments during the All-Star break last season -- which is still making headlines to this day -- to see just how important player quotes are to both the media and a team's fanbase in general.

Usually, most players -- apart from perhaps Russell Westbrook -- are tame during press conferences, wanting to keep a squeaky-clean public image as to not hurt their reputation and earning potential down the line, but there are moments where players speak their minds to the press, we just wish they'd do it more often.

With that being said, here are 10 hilarious quotes (albeit fake) that NBA players wish they could say out loud.

10. George Hill Thinks The Kings Are Fine


9. J.R Smith - The Henny God


8. Ron Baker Is The GOAT


7. Aron Baynes The Hitman


6. LaVar Ball Only Has Two Sons


5. Laker Fans Wishes Have Come True


4. The Beard Doesn't Want The Beard


3. Kobe Has Confidence


2. LeBron, The One-Man Team


1. Kyrie Is The Captain Now


Credit: Real NBA Quotes