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Top 10 Funniest Tweets After LeBron James Signed With Los Angeles


It's finally happened. LeBron Ramone James is officially a Los Angeles Laker.

It's been a move years in the pipeline for the Lakers, and now Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka can finally say they got their man.

The rumor mill has been churning almost all season regarding LeBron's playing future this summer, with the Lakers leading the race for LeBron almost the entire time, so even if it comes as a shock initially, you can't really call it a surprise, because reporters have been telling us he'd be playing in LA for the past several months.

Regardless, as soon as news went live that 'LABron' was a reality, NBA Twitter exploded. And who can blame them? Check out the top 10 tweets from an insane night of free agency.

10. 4D Chess By LeBron

9. Kevin Durant Isn't A Fan Of The Move

8. LeBron Offers A Warning To Lonzo

7. More 4D Chess Moves

6. The Bandwagon Forms Are Out If You Didn't Know

5. LeBron Is A Huge 'Trader'

4. The Amount Of Bandwagon Fans Will Be Ridiculous

3. LeBron Said He Wasn't Going Anywhere In 2014...

2. This Will Be Civil

1. Actual Facts