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Top 10 NBA Highest Career Earners!

Top 10 Highest-Paid NBA Players Of All Time

We were pretty shocked with contracts signed this summer. Those were dollar bills flying everywhere. 7 players signed $100M+ contracts this summer. Of course, NBA salary cap rises and it's pretty normal to see this kind of contracts and we are going to see them more in the future.

So we present you 10 NBA players who earned most in their careers!

10. Chris Webber


Chris Webber played 15 seasons in the NBA. He was a Rookie of the Year in 1994 and five-time All-Star. He played mostly at PF position, but he played at Center sometimes. He was a member of Sacramento Kings in their Golden Era from 1998 to 2004. Jason Williams, Peja Stojakovic, Mike Bibby, Vlade Divac and Webber was "The Greatest Show on Court" and it was thrilling to watch them playing. Although, despite some injuries Chris hasn't shown his full potential, but he will be remembered as one of the best PFs in the NBA.

He earned total $178,230,697 and averaged 20.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists in his career. He played 831 games or 30847 minutes in the NBA, which leads us to info that Chris earned $214,477 per game or $5,777.9 per minute spent on the court.

9. Ray Allen


Before Steph Curry, this man was considered as the best 3pt shooter in the NBA History. Steph broke many of his records, but his legacy will still remain. If you watch NBA for at least 3-4 years you will know the "BANG!" and Ray Allen's 3 from corner to tie the Game 6 in NBA Finals vs Spurs.

Ray Allen played 18 seasons in the NBA and won 2 NBA Championships with Celtics and Heat. He was unstoppable outside the arc and one of the most accurate free throw shooters. He was ten-time All-Star, won Olympic Gold in 2000 and of course he won the 3pt shooting contest in 2001.

He earned total $184,356,410 and averaged 18.9 points, 89.4% FT and 40.0% 3PT in his career. He played 1300 games or 46344 minutes in the NBA, which leads to info that he earned $141,812 per game or $3978 per minute spent on the court.

8. Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd was one of the best playmakers in the NBA History. He is the 2nd All-Time assister in the NBA with 12,091 assists. He won 2011 NBA Championship with Mavs. Grant Hill and Jason shared 1995 NBA Rookie of the Year award.

Many players were good in one category, but Kidd had it all. Points, rebounds, assists, offense, defense everything you can ask for he could deliver to you. He was one of the smartest players in the NBA and he proves that as a coach in the latest years. He is currently a coach of Bucks, who have bright future and I can't wait to see what will Jason do with them.

He played 19 seasons, 1391 games and 50111 minutes in the NBA earning a total $187,675,468 or $134921 per game or $3745.2 per minute spent on the court.

7. Paul Pierce


Paul Pierce is one of the rare players who got drafted in the 90s and still dribble and shooting on the courts across the USA. "The Truth" is one the most clutch player in the NBA History. There are many compilations of his clutch shots on YouTube. He won one NBA Championship with Rondo, Allen, and Garnett in 2008 and he was 2008 NBA Finals MVP.

He played 18 seasons and he still plays. He is currently in Los Angeles Clippers and he is a very relevant piece of that team. He averages 20 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.6 assists during his career. During these 18 seasons, he earned a total $190,508,032. He earned a $144,543.3 per game or $4177.5 per minute on the court.

He has an impressive career behind him and when he retires one true legend will leave NBA. Jersey 34 will hang on TD Garden roofs and remind every guy who comes in, what a true legend played 15 years for the Celtics.

6. Joe Johnson


Joe Johnson is a SG or SF who is playing 15 seasons in the NBA. He played for 5 teams, Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Miami and will play in the next season for Utah. Personally, I think that this guy is overpaid. A lot. Comparing him to some legends on this list is disgusting.

He had some nice numbers like averaging 25 points in his second season in Atlanta or 2.3 steals season before but are those numbers worth earning in total $195,127,768? He was seven-time All-Star, but he is overpaid a lot still.

He played 1143 games and 41186 minutes so far, so his earnings per game are $170715.5 and per minute $4737.7. I think it's too much, but that needs to bother more GMs of the teams who gave him that money.

5. Dirk Nowitzki

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

On 5th spot is "Dunking Deutschman" or "The German Giant". 6th All-Time scorer in the NBA. One NBA Championship. One MVP and One NBA Finals MVP. 3pt shooting contest winner in 2006. 13 time All-Star. I can write his achievement for hours, but when it comes to the consistency you must mention Dirk Nowitzki. He is averaging 22 points and 7.9 rebounds during his career.

He is in Dallas 18 seasons. And he wants to play more. Two more. Can he do that? We will see, but his fadeaway will be remembered as one of the best in the NBA History for sure. Earnings? He earned a total $216,646,362 playing 1340 games and 47429 minutes or $161,676.4 per game or $4567.8 per minute on the court.

4. Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan

Of the next 4 players, 3 retired lately. First one is Tim Duncan. The modest guy from US Virgin Islands retires pretty peacefully comparing to Kobe Bryant's farewell tour last season. There is a clear difference in mentality between these two legends, one was quiet and modest, another one was a leader and man who enjoyed under the lights.

Duncan won 5 NBA Championships and was a 1/3 of famous trio Parker, Duncan, Ginobili, whose got coached by Pop and dominated in the last 2 decades. Their ball movement is famous now and they built Spurs on their unique way promoting family values and team over individual quality because the team is always better than 5 individuals, right?

"The Big Fundamental" spent the whole career in Texas. He played 1392 games and 47368 minutes for Spurs averaging 19 points and 10.8 rebounds. For all of that, he earned total $235,631,050 or $169275.2 per game or $4974.5 per minute.

3. Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq is in the latest HoF generation. Him, Iverson and Ming got inducted this year. He is one the most dominant players in the NBA History. His height(2.16m) and weight(147kg) gave him ability to dominate in the paint and the break the rims and the whole constructions many times in his career.

He won 4 NBA Championships, was MVP once, 3-time NBA Finals MVP, 1993 RoY, 2-time scoring champion, etc. He is also a showman. He acted, recorded rap songs, was in reality, was a professional wrestler and much more. He is very funny and currently works as an analyst in Inside the NBA. Maybe he needs more money.

When it comes to money, he earned a total $292,198,327 in his 19 years spent on the court. He played 1201 games and 41918 minutes which averages $243295.8 per game or $6970.7 per minute.

2. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, an idol of many kids and grown-ups in the world. He was criticized a lot, to be a ball hogger, carried by Shaq, choker and so on. But despite all of these, he is one the best players in the NBA History. And no one can deny that. He was hard-worker, maybe the hardest ever seen. Well-known for his mentality. "Mamba mentality".

He never changed his jersey, only the number on his back. Playing 20 seasons for Lakers he brought 5 NBA Championships to them. And he earned a total $323,312,307 playing in 1346 games and 48637 minutes and unlimited time spent in the gym before or after the game. This brings us to $240202.3 per game or $6647.5 per minute.

1. Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett

Breaking news in the latest 24h is Kevin Garnett's retiring. 21 seasons in NBA. He could become the only player who played in his teens, 20s, 30s and 40s in the NBA, but he chose to retire. Nevermind, he is a legend of Minnesota Timberwolves. He won MVP in 2004 and one NBA Championship in 2008. It isn't with Timberwolves, it's with Celtics. He also played two seasons for Nets, but that was out of his prime.

He averaged 17.8 points and 10 rebounds through his long and remarkable career. For Timberwolves he will be the best PF in the NBA History surely, but is he the best, that's debatable. He played in 1462 games and 50418 minutes in his career and he is the 3rd player who spent the most time on the court. First two are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone.

"The Big Ticket" earned a big amount of money. Exactly, $326,362,956 in total or $223230.5 per game or $6473.1 per minute.

That is the top 10 highest earners in the NBA History until the 2016-2017 season. Who deserves more or less, what do you think?