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Top 18 Interesting Facts and Stats About NBA Playoffs 2017


To be honest, I agree with the statement of Charles Barkley that NBA Playoffs weren't so interesting. We have two dominant teams in Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. So far we watched only two Games 7 (Clippers vs. Jazz, and Celtics vs. Wizards), but every other series were pretty obvious who will going through the next round.

Golden State Warriors have 12-0, and Cleveland Cavaliers have 12-1 in this playoffs. They are the best teams and everyone expected Finals between them.

I found many interesting stats through the playoffs, and I hope so you will enjoy reading them.

LeBron James

1. LeBron James has 955 points against the Celtics in the playoffs in his career. Most for any player against any team. (by Brian Windhorst, ESPN).

2. Since LeBron returned to Cleveland, the Cavaliers are 36-5 in the Eastern Conference Playoffs

3. LeBron "Steph" James is currently 3rd all time in playoff three-pointers: Manu 318, Lebron 319, Miller 320, Allen 385.

4. LeBron James (32) made more three-pointers so far than Kyrie Irving (31).

Golden State Warriors

1. Andre Iguodala is shooting 11% from 3 this postseason. He has 3/27 from the downtown.

2. Stephen Curry is the best scorer for the Golden State Warriors in this playoffs. He has 28.6 points per game. The 2nd place is Kevin Durant with 25.2 points.

3. Klay Thompson is averaging only 14.4 points per game with 38.3% FG. Maybe he will be red hot against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

4. Golden State Warriors have amazing 27.8 assists per game. Portland Trail Blazers had only 15.8 assists in the NBA playoffs.

Random Stats & Facts

1. Al Horford's rebounding last 3 playoff games: 2015: 4.0 / 2016: 2.7 / 2017: 2.7. Ridiculous.

2. In 2012, both the Warriors and the Cavs finished 13th out of 15th in their conferences. In the 2011-2012, both the Warriors and the Cavs finished 13th out of 15th in their conferences. The Cavs were 21-45 and the Warriors were 23-43. Crazy to think about how much of a difference 5 years makes.

3. Kevin Love is now 31-6 in the playoffs, has still never lost a series in his career.

4. Most consecutive NBA Finals Appearances, modern era HOFers: Duncan:2 Jordan: 3 Shaq: 3 Kobe: 3 Wade: 4 Bird: 4 Magic: 4 Kareem: 4 LeBron: 7.

5. Serge Ibaka (31.6%) had better 3pts % than James Harden (27.8%) and Damian Lillard (28.1%).

6. Kevin Durant will play the second time in his career in the NBA Finals. Last time, he lost against LeBron James.

7. DeAndre Jordan (14.4) had more rebounds per game than LaMarcus Aldridge (7.4) and Steven Adams (6.8).

8. Golden State Warriors is averaging 118.3 points per game in this playoffs. Sacramento Kings were the 1st in the NBA Playoffs 2000/01 with 101.7 points per game.

9. LeBron James has more blocks per game (1.38) than Rudy Gobert (1.33), LaMarcus Aldridge (1.00) and DeAndre Jordan (0.86).

10. Stephen Curry scores more 3pts (53) than Kyle Korver (22), JR Smith (22) and Iman Shumpert (8).