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Twitter Roasts Skip Bayless After Ridiculous Comment On LeBron's Game 3 Buzzer-Beater


The almight Skip Bayless may have actually outdone himself with his latest take on LeBron James, and that's saying a lot.

Bayless is known as one of LeBron's biggest detractors -- if LeBron cured cancer, Skip would say "But what about AIDS?" -- and has made a career out of tearing down James' on-court achievements.

One of LeBron's latest and greatest achievements was in his most recent game, where James put up a one-legged floater, banking it off the glass to beat the Toronto Raptors at the buzzer in Game 3, breaking Canadian's hearts everywhere and taking an almost insurmountable 3-0 lead against the Raps.

But, as always, Skip was ready and waiting to add a 'BUT' to LeBron's incredible game-winner.

If you cast your mind back to when LeBron beat the Wizards on an equally-as-improbable shot, banking in a fadeaway three last season, you may remember Skip said the exact same thing. Who cares if he meant to bank it, the ball still went through the hoop didn't it? As expected, Skip faced an army of NBA and LeBron fans alike calling him out for his take.

This is definitely what Skip looks like when he watches LeBron play.


Hell, even a Sports Illustrated employee called Skip out.

Despite LeBron pretty much carrying the Cavaliers these playoffs, Skip will always find something to nitpick.