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Tyler Herro's Epic Response To Fan Asking If Katya Elise Henry Had An OnlyFans

Tyler Herro's Epic Response To Fan Asking If Katya Elise Henry Had An Onlyfans

Things are going pretty fine between Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro and his girlfriend, Instagram model Katya Elise Henry. The pair found love amid the coronavirus crisis and the romance can't be better given their recent posts on social media.

Herro can't be happier about his relationship and he's making it clear that he's with Katya and no one else. In recent hours, the rookie replied to one Instagram user asking if his girlfriend had an OnlyFans account. With this service, people can share content with their subscribers, the 'fans' and it's become a common practice to use the platform to share nude pics and videos.

As you may think, that wasn't a very good question from the user. However, Herro gave them a great response, killing any hopes this person or anybody else had of seeing Katya on the growing platform.

"It's in my camera roll," the 20-year-old replied.

herro screen

And that's how you end that conversation. Henry is always drawing a lot of attention thanks, she's a very beautiful woman, but sometimes people cross the line. Good thing Herro was right there to shut down any hope people had to see his girlfriend on OF.

During the NBA suspension, he demonstrated he's a player off the court, as well, and now it's time to get back to work. The NBA announced its return for July 31 and the Miami Heat are one of the teams trying to win the Eastern Conference this season. Of course, they will need Herro, who is more motivated than ever after finding his boo.