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Unbelievable DeAndre Jordan Is Shooting Free Throws Better Than Other 10 NBA Stars

DeAndre Jordan Dallas Mavericks NBA 12321312

DeAndre Jordan was one of the worst free throw shooters in NBA history, averaging only 44% in his career. But, this season he made a huge improvement with 82.4% from the free throw line, with 28-34 FT this season.

According to Matt Ellentuck, Jordan become a reliable free throw shooter:

A number of Jordan’s shots were doomed long before the ball neared the rim — if they made it there at all.

But in his first season with the Mavs, Jordan has completely changed his stance. The lefty staggers his feet with the right a noticeable distance behind the left. That’s giving him better balance, and allowing his legs to bend easier. You can tell when he gets to the line how concentrated he is on getting his footing right.

At this moment, Jordan has better Free Throw % than many other NBA stars and you will find below the 10 players who don't have better Free Throw % than DeAndre Jordan:

10. Anthony Davis 71.7 FT%


9. Carmelo Anthony: 73.3 FT%


8. LaMarcus Aldridge 75.0 FT%


7. Kyle Lowry 75.9 FT%


6. Paul George 77.8 FT%

Paul George

5. LeBron James 78.7 FT%


4. CJ McCollum 81.3 FT%


3. Joel Embiid 81.6 FT%


2. Devin Booker 81.8 FT%


1. Kevin Love 81.8 FT%

Kevin Love pregame iso practice

I found very interesting video about DeAndre Jordan' improvement, created by Heat Check.